On 21 December 2017, the ECLI-BG project coordinator ‘Apis Europe’ JSC entered into a subcontract to launch the actual work on the implementation of the European case law identifier ECLI within the national portal for publication of judicial acts established by the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC): https://legalacts.justice.bg/. The portal is also known by the abbreviation CUBIPSA (‘ЦУБИПСА’ in Bulgarian), which stands for Centralised Web Based Interface for Publication of Judicial Acts.

Subcontractor is the Bulgarian company ‘Abbaty’ JSC, which has considerable experience in the development and implementation of information systems in the field of e-Justice. In execution of a contract with the SJC, in the period 2015-2016 the company developed and put into operation the Single Electronic Justice Portal: https://portal.justice.bg/. Previously, in 2009, ‘Abbaty’ JSC developed specialised software for monitoring and control of expert witnesses, and in 2012 under a public procurement contract with the Ministry of Justice as a contracting authority, developed and implemented the Information system for the issuance of an electronic conviction status certificate. The company has an existing contract with the SJC for the maintenance of the CUBIPSA portal, which gives it the right to manage and access the information resources and the portal database, including making changes in the functionality due to regulatory changes.

The contract with the subcontractor ‘Abbaty’ JSC envisages two main tasks related to the implementation of ECLI within the CUBIPSA portal:

  1. Development and putting into operation of an additional functionality of the portal, including:
    • Generation of ECLI identifier of all published judicial acts;
    • Adaptation of the judicial acts’ metadata to the requirements of the ECLI standard;
    • Visualization of the ECLI identifier, among other metadata of judicial acts;
    • Search by ECLI identifier;
  2. Development and putting into operation of an Integration module linking the CUBIPSA portal to the European e-Justice Portal through a mechanism for automated retrieval of judicial acts’ metadata by the ECLI search interface in the e-Justice portal.

In addition, the contract requires the subcontractor to provide the necessary assistance to the contractor and project coordinator of ECLI-BG project ‘Apis Europe’ JSC for the testing and putting into operation of the ECLI-XML Conversion module that will be developed by the latter within the framework of project activities.

The deadline for the development and putting into operation of the additional functionality of the CUBIPSA Portal is 20 April 2018, and for the development and putting into operation of the Integration module – 31 May 2018.