ECLI in Bulgaria

The ECLI-BG project provides for the introduction of the ECLI identifier for all decisions of Bulgarian courts published on the Centralised case law portal maintained by the Supreme Judicial Council.

ECLI in the European Union

ECLI has been already implemented by the EU Court of Justice as well as in case law databases of 19 EU Member States.

About ECLI-BG project

The ECLI-BG project aims at implementation of the European Case Law Identifier ECLI in Bulgaria and establishment of interconnection with the ECLI search engine on the e-Justice Portal.

What is ECLI?

ECLI is a European semantic web standard developed to facilitate the correct and unequivocal citation of judgments of EU and national courts, thus improving cross-border accessibility of case law.

ECLI in Europe

ECLI has been already implemented by the EU Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Patent Office as well as in public case law databases of 12 EU Member States.


The ECLI-BG project is being implemented by the leading Bulgarian legal information provider APIS and The Union of Bulgarian Jurists – the most authoritative association of legal practitioners in Bulgaria.

Council conclusions on ECLI

… Both to facilitate the further development of European case law databases and to serve legal professionals and citizens in their use of these databases, a common system for the identification, citation and metadata of case law is regarded as indispensable…

… For the identification of judicial decisions a standard identifier should be used which is recognisable, readable and understandable by both humans and computers, and which is compatible with technological standards. At the same time it is desirable that national case identification systems can work in parallel with such a European standard, but also that a European standard can serve as the sole national standard for those countries that so wish…

Latest news

On the 28th of November after an invitation by Katerina Yocheva – PhD in international law and international relations, specialist in law linguistics and associate professor at the law department at New Bulgarian University, a representative from APIS and The Union of Bulgarian Jurists visited the university, where they presented the project results and made […]

The ECLI-BG project training campaign has come to an end with a seminar at the Supreme administrative court held on the 22th of November 2018. In the period after 17th September 28 seminars were held – 26 in all district courts in the country and two in Sofia. From the participants 591 have registered themselves […]