The ECLI-BG project training campaign has come to an end with a seminar at the Supreme administrative court held on the 22th of November 2018. In the period after 17th September 28 seminars were held – 26 in all district courts in the country and two in Sofia.

From the participants 591 have registered themselves for the event. 431 have filled an “Evaluation form”. 338 of them have evaluated the seminar with the highest possible rating “very good 5” and think that it will be useful for their practice. On the other hand, 37 cannot judge if the seminar will be useful for their practice, and only 3 are those who believe that it will not be useful. Nearly half of the participants, a total of 246, are judges, and the majority of the others – lawyers, jurisconsults and legal advisers. In the field for recommendations to the organisers of the evaluation form, the participants left mainly positive comments regarding the usefulness of the seminar, the lecture preparation and the training materials.

During the seminars a number of features of the national portal for publication on case law that can be strengthen were discussed. Different proposals were raised, in particular for including summaries of court decisions with higher importance for the legal practice as in other European states. From the presented cross-border legal information services, the one for machine translation of the European Commission was most interesting for the legal practitioners.