The European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) has already been introduced into the national case law portal:, created and maintained by the Supreme Judicial Council. The portal is also known by the abbreviation CUBIPSA, which stands for a Centralised web based interface for the publication of judicial acts.

Each of the over 2 million judicial acts published in the portal has been assigned an ECLI number generated under the rules of Chapter 7 of Ordinance No. 4 of the SJC of 16.03.2017 on the keeping, maintenance and access to the register of judicial acts, which defines the national format of ECLI is defined. The ECLI number is also generated for each new court decision, which is submitted for publication in the CUBIPSA.

In connection with the introduction of ECLI, the following additional functionality of the portal has been developed:

  • Visualisation of the ECLI number in the list of metadata of the court decision;
  • Search by ECLI number – in the Quick Search and Advanced Search form is added a field in which the user can enter the ECLI number of a specific judicial act;
  • Search by an incomplete ECLI number – the user can enter only a part of the ECLI number components. The search result will be a list of all legal acts whose ECLI number contains the user inputs (Example: the search results of the query ‘ECLI:BG:AD703:2016:201507’ will be a list all the acts issued in 2016 by the Blagoevgrad Administrative Court in administrative cases filed in 2015);
  • Option to refer to the published act via URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). For example:

Meanwhile, Abati JSC, a subcontractor for the ECLI-BG project, has announced that the Integration Module has already been developed and delivered for tests. The task of the module is to connect the CUBIPSA portal with the ECLI Search Engine to the European e-Justice portal. The deadline for testing and implementation of the module is 31 July 2018.