On September 17, 2018, the first of the series of training seminars, which are to be held in all district courts on the territory of the country, took place in the building of the Pazardzhik District Court. In fulfilment of the third objective of the project – to promote the functionalities and the benefits for the users and to raise awareness about ECLI, the ECLI search engine and other cross-border information services supported by the EU, a representative of APIS and Dushana Zdravkova from The Union of Bulgarian Jurists have already visited Pazardzik, Plovdiv, Vidin, Kjustendil, Dobrich, Blagoevgrad, Pleven and Silistra. In addition to the presentation that provides a theoretical rationale for access to cross-border case law and the technical specifications of ECLI, the seminar includes also a demonstration of the ECLI search engine in which the attendees can participate. For upcoming events, visit the Facebook page of the project.

The seminar in District Court – Silistra

The seminar in District Court – Plovdiv

The seminar in District Court – Blagoevgrad

The seminar in District Court – Pazardzik


The seminar in DC – Kjustendil

The seminar in DC – Dobrich

The seminar in DC – Pleven